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Getting Back Out and Revamping the Website

Oh my word was last year a miserable year!  I’ve no idea if this one will be any better but hey we have to live in hope.  I mean what’s the alternative?  Getting out with my camera is a big part of my life and I’d even go so far as to say it’s part of my coping mehanism so being able to get out again, even if only briefly and with some restrictions has been wonderful.

I think we can all agree that 2020 was wretched for Bus, Train and Tram spotting enthusiasts. At times we weren’t supposed to be out and about with our cameras, at others it was variable and unclear. As a result I kind of neglected this website, (Facebook and Instagram as well), partly because there was little new content I could post, but mainly because it was demoralising. Essentially doing anything on the website reminded me how much I was trapped at home. I didn’t mind doing my bit to fight the spread of the virus by staying home, but that didn’t mean it was easy.

NK12 GDE, Fleet Number 6050 in her Go North East 'Diversity' livery shown at Chester le Street on an overcast day.
NK12 GDE, Fleet Number 6050 in her Go North East ‘Diversity’ livery shown at Chester le Street on an overcast day on one of the few spotting trips out of 2020.

Now with restrictions starting to lift I feel able to get stuck back in and sort the website. I doubt we’re going to be travelling very far from home for a while yet even with the raised restrictions, but at least now I can start looking forward to going and get planning.

Part of that has been some spring cleaning the website and thinking about how I want to go forward with it all? Like so many people 2020 brought lots of personal and work changes, some positive and some not so much. Looking for a positive, I’ve started thinking of it as a massive society-wide reset button, a breakpoint in our lives to reassess everything.

At this point, it’s unclear if there will be many rallies this year, but it is possible to start getting out ‘spotting’ safely and without breaking any guidelines or laws. So putting my optimistic hat on I’m looking forward to the summer and maybe even catching up with some friends on street corners waiting for the buses to drive past.

And on that happy thought, I’ll end this little blog post and simply say I hope you and yours are safe and well. Take care…