My Gear

I’m a great believer that you don’t need expensive equipment to take photos or make videos.  That said some gear is helpful and I do get asked about what I use.  So here’s some links to what I use.  Some of these are affiliate links which means if you follow and buy I get a small commission, but it won’t cost you anything.  Also if you’re planning on buying something from Amazon clicking through to them from here this is a cool way that you can help support the YouTube channel, again it doesn’t cost you anything.  Honestly every little help me to keep going and invest in new equipment etc.

Some of the Equipment I use :

Canon M50 Camera

Manfrotto Tripod Complete (you can’t buy the legs I use anymore brand new but this is pretty close with the head as well)

Manfrotto Video Head 128rc (the tripod head without the legs)

Rode Videomic

Rode smartlav+ Lapel Mic

Tascam DR22-wl Audio Recorder