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Welcome to our New Site with a New Name

Welcome to the site.  It’s a brand new site to match the brand new name.  Which naturally leads to the question, why the name change from Ians Bus Photos to The Transport Lens?  Well it’s all wrapped up with how it all came about and how it’s changed in the last year or so.

First – BL65 OYZ – Showing ‘V1 Manchester via A580 Part & Ride’ – Fleet Number 39249

Ian has been taking transport photos, primarily of buses, since childhood, selling prints at rallies and online via eBay.  So when we looked at developing the first website the name seemed quite obvious, ‘Ians Bus Photos’.  I tended to shoot classic cars more at rallies, and last summer added video.  After a little while we started the YouTube Channel and it just kind of grew with the same name.  There are, however, a few obvious issues, it’s not just Ian, it’s not just photos and it’s not just buses!

So we started thinking about changing the name and eventually decided upon ‘The Transport Lens’.  This will allow us to reflect the broader range of what we do and also encompasses the video work.

The video work is now all being moved over onto the main channel so you might spot a few older videos that had been hosted elsewhere appearing.  In the future our video work will all appear on the main ‘The Transport Lens’ YouTube Channel with the occasional link within a post here on the blog section of the website.  Ian is also continuing to sell his images via eBay but at present we won’t be adding any of the archive to this site for automated online ordering.  This is purely a practical decision while we work on scanning the analogue images and improving the cataloguing system.  (Of course if you have anything specific you’re looking for then get in touch and if we can help we will).

So we hope you like the new name, new look website and don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ if you see us out and about with our cameras.

– Mara