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Frustrations and Resolutions

This blog frustrates the living daylights out of me. I started it with the intention of using it to ‘write’ about our adventures bus spotting, (then later tram and train spotting), but it’s not quite worked out how I planned.

Take this summer for instance. We had several trips which I would have loved to write about but by the time I’d edited the videos and got them online, the point where I’d planned to then write a blog post and include some links for you all to the videos etc, well by that point we’d already done another trip. It would then feel silly to be writing a blog post when I could be spending my time editing the new video footage for you all to see. Then the cycle would repeat.


Rotterdam Tram


And so it is that this blog has been mostly ignored and left alone in favour of the YouTube Channel. Then a couple of months ago I decided to create a Facebook page for The Transport Lens and also sort out Instagram. Both are now slowly gaining followers and allow me to post in a bit more of a friendly social way. Posting videos on YouTube doesn’t often feel very personal to me, the descriptions aren’t very spontaneous and sometimes you just want to show people a quick little phone snap of something that happened. This then led to me reflecting, guiltily, on this languishing blog.

So, here I am. Typing my first blog post in I’m not sure how long and wondering if there is any point. I mean will anyone read it? Does it matter if they do or don’t? I’m not sure. I guess only time will tell on that and also my resolve/ability to keep posting more posts.

– Mara