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First visit to the Lincoln Transport Festival

Earlier this month we visited the Lincoln Transport Festival for the first time. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, all I knew as we stood waiting to be picked up for the journey was that other people had said it was a ‘good ‘un’.

So what did I find when we arrived? Lots of beautiful buses, most of which I hadn’t seen before, plus some lovely old classic cars as a bonus. The buses were spread out over a few different locations near the Lincoln Road Transport Museum and the ‘event service’ was running from just outside.

I do love seeing the old vehicles running about and love taking video of them moving much more than of them simply parked up. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very easy on this occasion. The main road where the buses were picking up gave a lovely pull out which would show them turning in front of the camera. Unfortunately, this was a very busy road so the view was often blocked by cars passing in front of the camera. Additionally, there were lots of people crossing the road between the pickup point and museum.

As I stood there with cars and people blocking my shots and passing in front of the lens at just the wrong moment I’ll admit I felt a little jealous of Ian with his stills camera. Photographs are much easier to get in those circumstances because you only need a clear shot for a few seconds.

We also ventured into Lincoln centre on the event buses, no video of that though as I don’t think it’s appropriate when the buses are full of people. People don’t get on these buses to be filmed and end up online, so in those circumstances, I don’t film the trips.

Naturally, we headed to the Bus Station to see what modern in-service buses we could find. Lincoln routes are currently operated by Stagecoach (an internet search listed a few independents as well but we didn’t see any) and in between showers I filmed some leaving the bus station.

Overall a fun day. It would have been better with a little sunshine but hey, it’s Britain in November so the weather could have been much worse.