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The Hunt for the Poppy Bus

The Go North East Poppy Bus


Awful mobile phone shot taken at Park Lane Interchange

It’s not often I’m ahead of Ian when it comes to bus spotting, but with the newly repainted Go North East ‘Poppy Bus’ he’s having no luck. ‘The Poppy Bus’, registration NL63 YHO, fleet number 6086 has been travelling around the northeast for a couple of weeks now, occasionally on private hire but mainly the Route 56, or Fab Fifty Six, between Newcastle and Sunderland.

We both loving seeing buses in new livery and Ian has been trying to get a shot of her. So far he’s been completely unsuccessful. I, on the other hand, keep bumping into her and then messaging him to point this fact out. Granted I’ve not managed nice video of her or anything like that but I have at least seen her.

Shortly after she re-entered service Ian had an unexpected afternoon off and decided to head to Sunderland with his camera, hoping for a shot at the Park Lane Interchange. Nope no such luck as she was on a private hire that day, (fortunately we found this out before leaving the house), deflated he stayed at home. A couple of days later I was heading home and scared the living daylights out of my friend when I started shrieking ‘it’s the poppy bus’ as we entered Park Lane before running off to try and get a photo. She was running on the Sunderland Illuminations Park and Ride but it was dark and I only had my old mobile with me so although I got a few shots they weren’t much good.

The following weekend a determined Ian headed through to Newcastle and we positioned ourselves by the City Library (just by the Laing Art Gallery) to look for her. Ian had his camera at the ready and I decided to do a live stream onto YouTube which you can find here. I will, however, spoil the fun and tell you we didn’t see her. Once again a deflated Ian.

Later, again in Sunderland, I was at work and she drove past us. (Cue more shrieking followed by texting Ian) No photo opportunity this time as I couldn’t exactly grab a camera and run out of work, but I’d seen her again (for reference running the Fab 56 on Fawcett Street).
So that’s two to me and zero to Ian.

All that said I am happy to report that on another trip to Newcastle he did finally manage to see her running the 56. Not sure how good the photos of her were though as so far he’s refused to show me them.