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What do you buy the Bus, Train, Tram Spotter in your life for a gift? It’s a question that I’ve been wondering about recently. It can be fairly easy to find something at a rally where there are wonderful stalls with books, magazine, photos and various other memorabilia, but let’s be honest you can’t always buy at the rallies. For a start, you might get spotted and that ruins the surprise.

Also, some of the things I’d personally like to give and receive can be difficult for companies to stock. Take phone cases. I go through these at about 1 a year and I’m always on the lookout for the next one. However, there are so many different phones that it’s difficult for a company to stock them all, let alone in a variety of designs.

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So following the saying about ‘if you want something, then do it yourself’ I started looking into the idea of an online, manufacture on demand store. This led me to RedBubble and teaming up with them to create our new Online Store. RedBubble is a worldwide leader in manufacturing on demand for this sort of thing with years of experience, 24-hour online customer service and they ship worldwide.

Essentially the items are only manufactured once someone actually buys them, getting around issues such as all the different mobile phone case designs. This way you pick your design, pick your phone model and the case is made and shipped to you.

They also do things other than phone cases. So if you’re looking for something or just want to have a nosey then check it out. At the moment there are some modern and classic bus designs/images already available and more will be coming soon. If there is a demand I’ll also look at some non-photographic designs and maybe even some trains and trams.


Take care everyone and I’ll be back next week with a blog about our trip to Manchester with the Northern Group Enthusiasts Club.

– Mara