The Hunt for the Poppy Bus

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The Go North East Poppy Bus

  It’s not often I’m ahead of Ian when it comes to bus spotting, but with the newly repainted Go North East ‘Poppy Bus’ he’s having no luck. ‘The Poppy Bus’, registration NL63 YHO, fleet number 6086 has been travelling around the northeast for a couple of weeks now, occasionally on private hire but mainly […]

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Cold, Dark, Short Days looking for Buses

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Vlog #5 Buses in Newcastle upon Tyne

When the days grow shorter, the sun doesn’t rise very high causing really long shadows, and it’s cold and damp, getting decent footage becomes a lot harder.  Shadows and losing the light was a definite issue on our recent visit to Newcastle upon Tyne. The videos, including a vlog, are now all up on YouTube […]