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Pretty and Sleek LNER Azuma at York

Recently Ian fancied a trip to York for the day, well who was I to say no.  Especially if there would be a chance I could sneak off into the Railways Station with my camera.

Azuma LNER Train (800 113) at a platform in York Station, England. ISO320 1/160th f4

I do enjoy photographing the trains but I don’t get to do it very often so when Ian wanted to hang around the buses outside in the afternoon I said I’d take a look inside.  Train spotting is always very hit and miss for me as I rarely know when I can get out to do it, making planning trips difficult. I tend to grab time for it when I can as the buses always take priority.

Azuma LNER Train (800 113) at a platform in York Station, England. ISO 100 1/160th f10

This particular time I hit lucky.  Firstly there was one of the sleek, and very pretty, Azuma trains in LNER livery just standing on a platform whilst out of service.  Well, it would have been rude not to photographer her, wouldn’t it!

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So here are a bunch of photos I took of her.  Let’s hope the resurrected LNER brand has more success than previous operators on the east coast mainline route down to London.


Take care till next time

– Mara


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