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It’s just too cold to look for buses on a recent trip to Hartlepool

Bus vlog number 6 from Hartlepool, Cleveland.


Do you find winter is a difficult time for going out to see buses?  We had this problem on a recent visit to Hartlepool.  In winter the buses are often covered in road dirt, the weather is generally less predictable, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like there are any daylight hours at all.  It feels like we’ve been stuck indoors for ages and when we can get out the conditions are far from great.

So when the weather forecast said ‘some sunny intervals’, we decided to take a risk and head to Hartlepool with our cameras, hoping we’d get some sunshine.  I’ve been a few times for videos but it’s not somewhere Ian gets to very often for photos, so we thought it would be nice to go together while we were both free.

Unfortunately, it was cold, damp and we saw precious little sunshine.  In fact, it was the sort of weather that not only saps the life out of your camera batteries but also out of you.  Even popping into a local bakery for a take-out cuppa and chocolate muffin didn’t help prevent the feeling that our bones were slowly being turned into ice.  Not ideal, but we did get to try out a new location, lots of Stagecoach buses there but we didn’t see any of the other operators at that spot, but it still beats being stuck indoors.

The footage is now up on our YouTube Channel, a short vlog and a single video just of the buses.  The vlogs have been really well received and I’m so glad people are enjoying them.  Not sure where our next adventure with our cameras will be, but where ever it is I just hope it’s a little warmer and less windy.


– Mara