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It’s a conspiracy because I’m sick

Remember me talking about freezing on corners in recent blog posts and on the vlogs on the YouTube channel? Well, they’ve caught up with me and I’ve come down with the lurgy. I shall spare you all the graphic details and I certainly won’t subject you to any photos of me looking like death warmed up.

So it’s just a short blog post this week to say I’m trying to sensible and stay indoors, warm, hydrated and not whinge too much. That said I do need to get in just one more whinge. If you follow the channel you might recall me saying that I really wanted to photograph the buses in the snow this year (in this vlog). Well, guess when I started coughing, sneezing and talking like an extra from a horror b-movie? Yup, that’s right. Just as the snow started falling here last week.

Tram in Rotterdam September 2018

It’s probably some sort of cosmic conspiracy but my head is too fuzzy to come up with a decent plot line, so I shall just leave you with this photo of a tram in Rotterdam. It was the first photo that wasn’t of a bus or to contain snow I found on my desktop.

Bye bye, for now, I’m sure I’ll be much better by next week and able to get out and about with my camera again. I’m off now to crawl back to bed…